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8 Days
North Macedonia Ski Touring

Explore the most beautiful Macedonian mountain regions with skis.

6 Days
Snowcat Freeride

Try something new on this trip, a combination of snowcat freeride and ski touring in the mountains of the Southwest part of Macedonia.

8 Days
Hike and Explore North Macedonia

Hiking tour to the best mountains ranges of North Macedonia.

3 Days
Hiking Between two Lakes

Take a long weekend and hike the mountains between the two biggest lakes in North Macedonia.

8 Days
Walking North Macedonia

Easy walk and explore the best places in North Macedonia, and learn about the culture, and taste.

One to Multi Day Tour
Snowshoeing Tours

Experience one of the oldest winter sports and enjoy the beautiful Macedonian mountains with snowshoes.

5 Day Tour
Highest peaks in North Macedonia and Albania

Very exciting hiking experience among the highest peaks of North Macedonia and Albania.

1 Day
Hiking in Galicica National Park

One day hiking trips in Galicica National Park, hike to the peak and see the two biggest lakes in Macedonia.

1 Day Tours
Pelister One Day Hiking Tours

Explore the oldest National Park in North Macedonia one day hiking tours at a level suited for everybody