Some reasons to visit North Macedonia

Some Reasons to Visit North Macedonia

Where is North Macedonia?

North Macedonia is geographically located in the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe.It is a small landlocked country, it borders five neighboring countries. These are Kosovo and Serbia on the north, Bulgaria on the east, Greece on the south, and Albania on the west. It was formerly part of Yugoslavia until it became independent in 1991.

Now, let’s get into these Macedonia facts!


How many of you have been to Macedonia? Hands up. Probably not that many, and that’s another reason why you should visit Macedonia. It’s unexplored, and you will find hidden gems everywhere.


The true beginnings  history and culture begin some 6,000 years before the new era. The earliest traces of human activity in the territory of present-day Republic of North Macedonia date from the Stone Age – the Palaeolithic. That means you will find plenty of historic sites here. The location itself is interesting too because the region has had so many different eras and rulers wars  over the years. So, if you like to learn history this is one of the places to visit!


The Macedonians are in general warm and welcoming, and the majority of them understand and can speak decent English. Most younger people can speak English without a problem, You will be warm welcome wherever you  went, and are happy to talk about their country and history.




Another interesting feature  the country is that it has a higher number of mountains and mountain peaks than any other country in the world. And it’s not crowded  you can enjoy beautiful nature without having to share it with hundreds of other tourists at the same time. Beautiful lakes, big national parks, and mountains combined with a wide range of outdoor activities make it a great destination for all outdoorsy travelers.


Did you know that Macedonia produces great wines? Wines that are producing on each part of Macedonia are wines that are made of growing up of the best quality grape. In the restaurant visit you can found some great local wines, and they are not expensive  too. Also lot of families it’s like a tradition passed from generation to generation produce their home made wine. Also  wine has played a big role even since Roman times, and in the former Yugoslavia, Macedonia produced a big quantity of wine.

Delicious food

It’s not only the wine that’s delicate here in North Macedonia, the food is also nice and another good reason to visit Macedonia. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from who serve authentic Macedonian cuisine. Some dishes that you should try include Tavce Gravce, Pastrmajlija, Kacamak, and of course Turli Tava.


You don’t have to worry about breaking the bank while traveling in North Macedonia. The price levels are way cheaper than the European average, and is not only affordable but it also a great value for the money you spent.

So you have a few facts why you should visit North Macedonia and why not? The major cities and destinations in Europe will probably stay the same year after year, but North Macedonia is an upcoming destination. With low-cost carrier airlines starting to offer cheap flights it’s just a matter of time before tourism picks up.

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