Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Booking for each tour or service is done via email or Booking page which is displayed on the website EasyGo adventures. When the reservation is made participant need to provide all preferences and needs including: accommodation, food and transport preferences. By registering for a trip, the participant immediately declares that his physical and mental state of health allows him or her to participate in this trip and the activities included in the offer. Participant need to provide the essential information about his health condition,chronic diseases, injury, any allergies/ allergies to food or medication etc..

A 30% deposit is required to make reservation. Тhe rest of the payment shall be made up to 15 days before the travel date. For reservation les then 30 days before travel date we will request the full payment in advance. In any case the full amount is not paid l in accordance with the given period then the rules for cancellation policy will apply.

Cancellation by the participant
The traveler can cancel the trip at any time and should be in writing form by email. The date of the written cancellation is the basis for calculation of the cancellation costs (in relation to the basic price of the arrangement), – for cancellation up to 30 days before the trip, 30% of the arrangement is charged – for cancellation from 29 to 15 days before the trip, 50% of the arrangement is charged – for cancellation from 14 to 5 days before the trip, 80% of the arrangement is charged – for cancellation from 5 to 0 days before the trip or during the trip, 100% of the arrangement is charged. We will offer a refund if we are able to find another group or individual to fill the booking. Otherwise your deposit remains non-refundable.

Cancellation by organizer

We reserve the right to modify the program (in duration or content) or to cancel the program completely in case of force majeure or emergency circumstances that he could not have foreseen, avoided or removed. The participant of the trip has the right to a refund of the all deposit payments for the unrealized services or by agreement with the organizer of the trip, the already paid amount can be used for another program from the offer of the organizer of the trip or the amount paid by you may be transferred to another departure date.

Change of routes

Considering the activities that are organized requires flexibility, we will strive to make the trip according to the program but we shall reserve the right to change the the schedules, the transportation, as well as the route itself at any time due unexpected conditions in order to provide maximum safety for the group.

Group leader (guide)

The organized group trips, will be guided by a group leader.The guide is a responsible organizer for the trip. The decision of the group leader shall be final on all matters that may affect the safety or well-being of each participant in the trip.In case a participant does not comply with a decision taken by the group leader or interferes with the safety or mobility of the group, the group leader may remove him / her immediately from further participation in the trip without the right to a refund of the services paid by by him / her.

Risk acceptance

Most of the trips we organize take place on the mountain and participating in them carries certain risks. Therefore you are obliged to read the basic parameters and specifications of the tour you choose which is published on the Pelister guides website.By confirming the trip you confirm that you agree with the terms of the trip and accept that you are aware of the personal risks associated with the particular trip.We will inform and assist you for any information about the trip and about the possible risks that may be incurred in the implementation of a particular trip or specific tour.

Travel insurances

All travelers who will travel with us are required to have travel and health insurance.